What is the Best App To Send Money From Canada to a Nigerian Bank Account?

The best app to send money from Canada to a Nigerian bank account is the SanaTransfer mobile app. Here, we discussed exactly how to.

App To Send Money From Canada to a Nigerian Bank Account
App To Send Money From Canada to a Nigerian Bank Account

Do you reside in Canada and want to send money to Nigeria? The best app to send money from Canada to a Nigerian bank account is the SanaTransfer mobile app. This platform is trusted by many due to its fast and seamless transfers and affordable transfer fees. Here’s a guide on how you can use the SanaTransfer mobile app to send money to Nigeria.

What is SanaTrabsfer and How Does the Mobile App Work?

SanaTransfer is the best platform for anybody living in Canada to send money to Nigeria and other countries. Essentially, this platform allows you to make quick, seamless, and affordable cross-border transfers without any hassle. You can either use the SanaTransfer website or the mobile app for remittance.

SanaTransfer’s mobile app will not just allow you to send money to Nigeria but even track your money transfers until it gets to the recipient. The best part of this app is that it charges you low transaction fees, unlike most conventional banks. In just a few clicks, you can transfer cash to Nigeria and any other part of the world from the convenience of your smartphone. The transfer process takes less than only one minute to initiate and finish.

How Can I Use the SanaTransfer App to Send Money From Canada to a Nigerian Bank Account?

As stated earlier, SanaTransfer is the best money transfer service provider when it comes to transferring money from Canada to Nigeria. To use the SanaTransfer app to send money to Nigeria, follow the steps that we’ve highlighted below:

1. First, download the SanaTransfer app on your Smartphone. This app is available on both Android and iOS stores.

2. Next, create an account for free and fund your account with the amount of money you would like to transfer to Nigeria.

3. Select your preferred delivery method. You can use either the bank deposit, mobile money, or cash pick-up method to execute the transaction.

4. Input the necessary information about your recipient. This includes the name, address, account number, Routing number, etc

5. Fill out your other payment information and click on “Send Money Now”. Your recipient in Nigeria will receive the money in a few minutes.

Note that you can log into your account and track any transfer you initiate. Once you log into your account, you will see your transfer status.

What are the Advantages of Using the SanaTransfer Mobile App to Send Money From Canada to Nigeria?

Here are some advantages that make the SanaTransfer app the best mobile app to send money to Nigeria:

1. It is very fast and reliable.

2. You can track your transfer to know its status.

3. The transfer costs are very affordable compared to banks and other transfer platforms.

4. You get great exchange rates on SanaTransfer

5. It is 100% safe and secure

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How Fast Can I Send Money From Canada to Nigeria Using the SanaTransfer app?

Generally, the duration transfers take to get to their destination ranges from a few minutes to less than 48 hours, depending on your delivery method. So you may have to wait for less than 48 hours in rare cases.

How Much Transfer Fee will I be Charged if I Want to Send Money From Canada to Nigeria?

The SanaTransfer mobile app charges you 0% transfer fees of the total amount of money you send for every transfer you initiate.

What’s the Best Way to Send Money From Canada to Nigeria?

You can send cash from Canada to Nigeria using our bank deposit, cash pickup, or mobile money transfer service.

1. Bank Deposit

As the name implies, the bank deposit delivery method deposits any money you send directly into the bank account of the recipient in Nigeria. When you initiate your transfer on the SanaTransfer app, your recipient receives the money directly in their Nigerian bank account.

2. Cash Pickup

The cash pick-up delivery is quite indirect, unlike the bank deposit method. When you use this method, the money you send will be received by our authorized cash pickup agent. Your recipient can then go to pick up the money from our agents. This method is ideal if your recipient doesn't have a bank account.

3. Mobile Money

Our mobile money service allows you to send money directly to your recipient’s mobile phone. It is more like a digital wallet service that can be used in place of regular bank accounts.

What Currencies Can I Transfer to Bank Accounts in Nigeria?

Currently, Nigerian bank accounts can either receive in US dollars or the Naira currency. So expect that your recipient will receive the money in one of either. We will keep you updated if anything changes.

What Information do I Need to Provide to Send Money From Canada to Nigeria?

If you want to use the SanaTransfer app to send money from Canada to Nigeria, you need to provide these details:

1. Full name

You must provide your recipient’s full legal name. The name you provide must match the name written on their bank statement for your request to be validated.

2. Address

The address of your recipient is another important detail we will be needing you to provide. You need to input your recipient’s city to send funds.

3. Account details

To initiate the transfer, you have to provide the following:

  • Recipient’s bank account name
  • Recipient’s account number (usually 10-digits long) and routing number

Note that the account details you provide should be that of a USD-domiciled account. This means that your recipient has a USD-domiciled account.  

4. Mobile Number

We need your recipient’s mobile number to enable us to send a notification to them when the money is credited into their account. We’ll notify them once the money is delivered.

5. Email

We need the email address of your recipient so that we can send them information about the transfer. It serves as a great alternative to their mobile number.  

6. Reason for sending the money

You have to let us know the reason for your transfer. Popular reasons include:

  • Family or Friend support
  • Property payment
  • Purchase of services
  • Sending funds to self

Please make sure that all the details you provide of your recipient are correct. Once you initiate the transfer, you will not be able to stop or reverse the transaction.  

Closing Thoughts

Undoubtedly, the SanaTransfer app is the best option if you want to transfer money from Canada to Nigeria. This platform offers you the best of everything, including rates and transfer costs. To start sending money to Nigeria, just download the app from Google Play Store or the App Store, create your account, fund your wallet, and start executing seamless transactions.

Join 500+ users across Canada in sending money back to family and loved ones using the SanaTransfer app. Sign up now to get started or download the app on Android or iOS.