Send Money From A Bank Account Without Verification

In this guide, you will learn how to Send Money From A Bank Account Without Verification. Read more...

Send Money From A Bank Account Without Verification
Send Money From A Bank Account Without Verification

If you're wondering whether it is possible to send money from your account without going through the stress of verification, the short answer is “yes”. Although account verification exists for security reasons, it is still possible to send money from a bank account without verification. Here is a guide on how you can achieve this without breaking your back.

Why do Banks Need Account Verification Before Transfers Can Be Initiated?

The verification process is there to protect your account from unwanted third parties. Essentially, it helps to affirm whether or not the person executing the financial transaction is the real owner of the bank account. Banks use verification to protect your personal account from authorized access.

Although this process can be very stressful and time-consuming, it is in your best interest to secure your account from hackers.

What is the Importance of Account Verification?

The process of account verification first occurs when you want to open a bank account. Generally, before you own an account banks will need you to provide certain documents to prove your identity. These documents help them to ascertain that you are really who you claim to be.

Two important documents you need during this process include a state-issued picture identification document and a clear copy of your social security card. Once you provide these documents, the bank will establish you as the account owner and automatically enable a two-factor authentication process (two-way verification).

In cases where you open an account online and you’re still yet to submit important verification documents, the amount of money you can hold in your account will be limited. Also, the bank will limit the amount you can transfer for security reasons. Essentially, this means that you won’t get access to the full features of your account until you verify your identity.

Basically, the whole account verification process helps to reduce fraud and costly mistakes. Every bank will try to prove that it is the real account holder that is initiating a transaction before they confirm the transaction.

The account verification process helps to minimize expensive mistakes and fraud. Every bank will attempt to prove to you why account verification is essential. They must make every attempt to ensure that things remain illegal and proper.

Also, note that if you send money to the wrong bank account, it is almost impossible to recover the money without verification.

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How to Transfer Funds From a Bank Account Without Verification

To send money from a bank account without verification, the first thing you need is unrestricted access to a payment card that is already linked to the account. Alternatively, you can use a cash transfer service that has previously been granted unrestricted access to the account.

Nevertheless, in most cases, you will still need to pass through a two-way verification process before your transfer can be confirmed. This process will need you to simply log into your online bank account and demand a special code. Your bank will either email the code to you or simply send it via text. Once you receive this code, you will need to input it in the empty field provided before your transaction will be approved.  

To send cash without verification, you must disable the two-way verification process. By disabling it, you will only need to input either your account password, Touch ID, or PIN before your transfer will be completed. All banks will need you to provide at least one of the options stated above. There’s absolutely no way to completely disable every form of security if you are not the owner of the account.  

To disable your two-way verification, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your mobile bank app

2. Next, go to settings, and then tap “Security”, and then “Disable Two-Factor Authentication”. Note that this step may vary depending on the bank you use.

3. Your bank will send a code to your phone number or the email address registered with them.

4. Input the code you received in the empty field and confirm the changes.

After this, your bank won’t need you to provide an OTP when executing financial transactions. Note that not all banks will allow you to disable your Two-Factor Authentication. Also, we don't recommend this due to security reasons.

Final Thoughts

An account may permit you to transfer money without any verification. However, you will definitely encounter some restrictions in your transactions. While some countries place laws against cross-border transfers from or to unverified bank accounts, others only permit unverified accounts to receive money.

In whatever case, the process of sending cash from unverified accounts can take longer to complete if it can be executed at all. Note that we don't recommend that you disable your two-factor authentication process. This process protects you from losing your money through scams, fraud, hackers, or any other illegal activity.

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