What is a Remittance Voucher?

A remittance voucher is crucial in helping you file the right tax. Read this article to learn everything you need to know about the document.

What is a Remittance Voucher?
What is a Remittance Voucher?

Experts at CBC News have stated that 1 in 10 Canadians don't file their taxes. Unfortunately, this alarming percentage of people who don't file their taxes miss out on a lot of benefits. Hence, every Canadian needs to learn about the process of filing a tax in the country. One important document you'll need when filing your tax is the remittance voucher. Perhaps you've heard of it and are wondering - What is a Remittance Voucher?

This article discusses remittance vouchers, providing you with details about what you should know about this unique document and why it is essential for accurate tax filing.

What is a Remittance Voucher?

A remittance voucher is a unique slip that gives Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) information about a specific account. You need to have a remittance voucher slip when you want to pay your tax at the bank. Usually, this slip accompanies your payments. A payment form is a special document that gives a format or direction on how to calculate a certain amount.

In the past, only this option was available to taxpayers (both individuals and businesses). However, in recent years, the CRA is moving towards electronic tax-paying options. These electronic options make the best of it the tax-paying process easier and less stressful. Although the CRA still provides people with these old-school remittance vouchers, they do so only by special requests.

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How can I get a Remittance Voucher?

For most remittance voucher slips and payment forms, you can only order them. It is impossible to print them because the CRA produces them using magnetic ink and banks will reject photocopies of these documents.

Nevertheless, personal copies of remittance vouchers indicating Individual instalments and amounts owing are usually available for both downloading and printing. Currently, only people who use vouchers for payments at banks, mail, or Canada post retail outlets can access printable vouchers.

How Long does it take to receive a Remittance Voucher?

Once you place an order for a voucher, it will take about 5 to 10 business days before you can receive it through your mail.

How to Order a Remittance Voucher

You can order your remittance voucher online through any of these portals:

Can I Order all my Remittance Vouchers online?

No, you cannot order all remittance vouchers online. You can only order some of them by phone. Here is a list of the vouchers you can only order by phone:

  • Payroll (RP)
  • Information returns (RZ)
  • Charities (RR)
  • Remittance vouchers for a non-resident account

For more information about remittance vouchers and how to order them, visit their official help centre.

Bottom Line

The remittance voucher slip is one of those used during tax filing. Usually, this slip provides details about your account and is accompanied by the payment form during processing. Note that you don't need a remittance voucher in all cases. If you are filing for tax payments at any financial institution, you need this voucher. However, if you are doing it online, you won't need to present it.  

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