How to Send Money To Someone Without a Bank Account

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How to Send Money To Someone Without a Bank Account
How to Send Money To Someone Without a Bank Account

Making International transfers is a very straightforward and stress-free process. However, you may get confused about how to do these transfers if your recipient doesn't have a bank account. Fortunately, learning how to send money to someone without a bank account isn't as hard as you think. This article highlights some reliable ways to send money abroad without using a bank account.

Top 7 Ways to Send Money To Someone Without a Bank Account

Want to learn how to send money to someone without a bank account? Here are seven ways to do this:

1. Mobile wallets

When it comes to sending money through mobile wallets (e-wallets), you don't need any support from a bank account. For e-wallets, all you need to transfer funds is that download the app, sign up, and start executing transactions. The SanaTransfer app wallet, which is available for both Android and iOS, is an example of a mobile wallet.

Essentially, this app allows you to transfer funds internationally without needing any bank account. If you are worried about security, all payments on this app are encrypted for extra security. So you can rest assured that there will be no form of theft.

When you register on the SanaTransfer app, you have to set up your payment by linking your credit or debit card account. Whenever you transfer money, your recipient will receive these funds in their SanaTransfer mobile wallet account.

Mobile wallet transfers with the app are instantaneous and very cost-effective. So you spend less than when you are making bank-to-bank transfers.

2. Credit cards

Credit cards are another effective way to send money without any bank account. What you have to do here is to pay a money transfer service using your Credit card. Although this option is effective, you may be charged extra fees for it. So the Credit card options are not really cost-effective.

3. Money orders

Although many people may call money orders old-fashioned, they are still very useful when sending cash to an individual without a bank account. Money orders are similar to cheques, but the important difference between both is that you don’t need a bank account for sending cash using money orders.

Just buy money orders equivalent to the amount you would like to send to your recipient, sign them, and mail them directly to your recipient.

To get a money order, just visit any participating post office in Canada. This post office will issue the money order to you and send it out to your recipient as well. Although major bank branches in Canada also issue money orders, their fees are pretty much higher than what Canada Post charges.

There are so many benefits of sending cash via money orders. One major advantage is the security and privacy it offers you since you don't have to share your bank information before transferring money. Also, you can rest assured that only your recipient can cash out the money. If the money order is stolen en route to your recipient, it can easily be cancelled before it is cashed.

One major drawback of money orders is that it is not a fast way to send money. The post office's speed will determine how fast your money gets to the intended recipient. Nevertheless, other options can guarantee that your money gets to the recipient faster.  

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4. Prepaid debit cards

Generally, money transfer service providers accept prepaid debit cards as a form of payment. Unlike credit cards, prepaid debit cards are pre-loaded with cash before any transfer is initiated. So ensure that you have enough cash on your debit card before you make the transaction.

Using a debit card for transfers is generally more costly because of the transaction fees charged by your card issuer.

5. Money transfer services

A money transfer service provider like Sana Transfer is the best way to send money to your loved ones because it offers speed, convenience, as well as security. Also, this transfer platform allows you to track your transfer easily so you can rest assured of your transfer status.

With SanaTransfer, you can send money globally at competitive exchange rates and an affordable fee.

6. Online money transfer for cash pickup

SanaTransfer also offers you the option of cash pick-up. Basically, this method allows you to send money to any part of the world, while your recipient simply goes to collect it from our pick-up sites in the destination country. You don’t need a bank account.

Simply download the SanaTransfer app for Android or iOS or visit to get started.

7. Mailing Cash

Although the option of mailing cash is always available, it is very risky and not recommended. Sending cash via mail definitely allows you to transfer money without using a bank account, however, there is no guarantee that the intended recipient will receive the cash. If the money gets stolen or misplaced in the mail, your recipient won’t receive the cash.

If you still decide to take the risk and send cash via mail, take note of these precautions:

  • Use an envelope that safeguards its contents by keeping it discreet.
  • Buy a tracking service for your mail parcel. This allows you to track and confirm delivery.
  • Insure your parcel for the exact amount of cash it holds.

Again, sending cash via mail is not recommended due to the risk attached. Rather, choose your preferred option from the other options on this list.  

How Can I Choose the Best Transfer Method?

Before choosing your preferred money transfer method, you must consider these aspects for better judgement:

1. The completion speed of the transaction

Consider how fast you want the money to get delivered to your recipient. If you are in a hurry, go for the option that offers you instant delivery. The mobile wallet transfer method is your best bet if you need speedy delivery.

2. Cost of transfer

Have an idea of the cost of different transfer methods before initiating your transaction. If you are trying to save money, compare the prices of the different transaction methods listed above and choose the cheapest option. This would cut costs for both you and your recipient.

3. Level of convenience

Convenience is another important factor you have to consider before transferring to a third party. What is the most convenient transfer method for you and the intended recipient? Answer this question by considering where your recipient lives and what they need the money for. In some situations, it may be better to send the money online so that your recipient will be able to spend it online. In other situations, it is better to use a cash pickup, especially if your recipient doesn't have a functional bank account.  

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4. Security of transfer method

Security is the most important factor to consider when choosing your preferred payment option. Generally, online transfer transactions are securely protected with data encryption and other extra security measures, while mailed cash or money orders are not so secure as they can get lost or stolen.

5. Location of the transfer origin and its destination

Transfer fees may differ depending on the origin and destination of the transfer. Essentially, this means that your location determines a lot in the fees your transfer will incur. Generally, local money transfers are cheaper than international money transfers. Also, some transfer methods may be unavailable in specific countries. Hence, you must carefully put the two locations involved before initiating a transfer.

SanaTransfer: The Easier Way to Send Money Home

SanaTransfer offers cross-border transfer services from Canada to 70+ countries. Users enjoy easy, fast and secure payment services with better rates and faster payouts for international remittance through any of the following options:

1. Bank Transfer

As the name implies, the bank transfer delivery method deposits any money you send directly into the bank account of the recipient. When you initiate your transfer on the SanaTransfer app, your recipient receives the money directly in their Nigerian bank account.

2. Cash Pickup

The cash pick-up delivery is quite indirect, unlike the bank deposit method. When you use this method, the money you send will be received by our authorized cash pickup agent. Your recipient can then go to pick up the money from our agents. This method is ideal if your recipient doesn't have a bank account.

3. Mobile Money

Our mobile money service allows you to send money directly to your recipient’s mobile phone. It is more like a digital wallet service that can be used in place of regular bank accounts.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to send money to someone without a bank account is pretty much easy with SanaTransfer. Not only does our platform offer you cheap transaction costs and competitive exchange rates, but you also have the ability to track your transaction easily.

Join 500+ users across Canada in sending money back to family and loved ones using the SanaTransfer app.

Visit now to get started or download the app on Android or iOS.